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GIAM - Global Interactive Alternative Market


The launch of a new GoldMarketCoin GIAM

This is already here and right now!
The new International Exchange and Fund Market were born with an issuing of a new Gold Market Coin GIAM by Goldiam Limited - the Rwandan corporation that focusing on the development of a financial market tools and mining industry as an independent branch of the High-Tech Industry International Non-Profit Foundation

GIAM - Global Interactive Alternative Money is the newly issued fully gold-backed coin the secret moving power and inexhaustible energy of the International GIAM platform - Global Interactive Alternative e-Market. This happened on the financial platform of Smart Payments ( - an Estonian regulated currency exchange market using Ethereum blockchain.

The main aim of the idea GIAM - GoldIAM - Golden Interactive African Market as part of the GIAM international platform is the establishment of a modern African market by using the actual power of cryptocurrency and other modern financial and economic tools to support and develop and permanently growing industrial, technological and intellectual potential of the African continent - the old home of the new humanity.

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